Couture Tailormade

Kir Royal makes brides' dreams come true.
Kir Royal "Haute-Couture Order" direct the creation of superior wedding dresses which totally fit one's dream. The designer cooperates with the bride in order to produce an creation crexquisite. Based on a devised concept, the designer raises a sketch in flexible imagination.
Each feature is examined until the customer and designer a mutual concept and motif for take cloth and lace. Craftsman-ship, of high perfection polished, creates one and only dresses in the world. The day when a beautiful bride is adorned in a Kir Royal wedding dress one's new start is with hopes and dreams. We will take the highlight of your life, filled with many hopes and dreams, and turn in into a spectacular moment.


At first we'll ask you about your vision for your wedding as a whole.
The designer makes some design images aggregate for the appearance of the marriage ceremonial hall various other factors.
Design meetings are important for both the bride and designer as they both must shere visoin.

Dresses designed and produced are at our salon all original, one in the world dress.


The quality of fabric and color, will determine the material which matches the design from various perspectives. After deciding the material and design, we take your measurements.


It is temporary sewing while trying on a dress.
Voluminousness and places where the silhouette goes into details are adjusted by the actual cloth at this time.


Final decisions for full coordination and arrangements, accessories are carried out.
Next we put them all together and take a close look at the total balance.
We will also propose a clothing for the groom, coordinated with the brides appearance.


Finally, You try on the entire object completed order dresses in the world, and confirm every accessories for the ceremony that day.
You try on one suit of completed an order dress in the world, and confirm every accessories we have decided .
We also coach you of the most beautiful way of walking, how to sit down, how to rise, how to hold a bouquet, the correct way to raising the veil, etc... are also performed at this time